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Dr. Martin is a premier internist with a deep sense of caring who gives me his full attention. His vast medical experience brings to acupuncture and neuro-feedback an enhanced approach. Acupuncture clears up a headache on me usually within minutes. Neuro-feedback has greatly reduced headaches and increased my sleeping through the night. Plus he is honest about what treatments will assist you. I highly recommend his approach to health. – Diana Vandel

I cannot give Dr. Mike Martin enough compliments for helping me gain relief from my neck pain. Several years ago I was rear ended by a hit and run driver. The accident caused my C3-C4 vertebras to be dislocated which caused severe neck pain. Since the accident, I tried to control my pain with over the counter medication, exercise and even seeing a chiropractor. All were unsuccessful and my pain gradually worsened.

My next step was to try acupuncture! Finding someone who is competent and trustworthy is another challenge!

I got so lucky with connecting to Dr. Martin! It was like hitting the jackpot. Knowing that 30 years of his medical practice and his vast knowledge about the human body and the medical field could make any patient comfortable, I was more impressed with his honesty! That is worth more than the whole world to me. I received two sessions of acupuncture. I was so amazed to see my pain totally vanish 100%. I have not used any pain medication since my last acupuncture session seven months ago. I cannot thank Dr. Martin enough for his wonderful care and treatment. In my opinion, this was the best acupuncture experience I have ever had. – Neda Alrobaire

I am going to start off by saying that I was very skeptical about acupuncture. I decided to try it as a treatment for my occipital migraines. I had headaches at the back of my head for months, sometimes they would last days at a time. My pain management doctor had done some injections that worked and we’d talked about a nerve ablation. I wanted to try other treatment options before having another procedure.

Not only did the acupuncture treatments help with the headaches, it’s also helped my neuropathy in my back. I’ve had trouble wearing glasses for several years. Since I’ve started getting regular treatments I’ve been able to switch from my contacts to glasses.

I am an absolute believer now. So much so that I carry cards in my purse so I can give them to anyone I talk to about the treatment I’ve had. I would love to say I’m 100% pain free but, sadly there’s no miracle cure for the issues I have. I do feel significantly better and if I am consistent about going at least once every 4-6 weeks for maintenance I feel great. – Jennifer

I began going to see Dr. Martin for recurring headaches I’d been dealing with for 5+ years. On the first visit he took down the most comprehensive patient history I’ve ever seen before deciding on plan of action. It was so nice to feel like someone was finally actually interested in helping me. We started doing acupuncture regularly and while my headaches have not completely dissipated, they have gone from 7-8 per day to a few a week. After a few months I was able to cut down to just going to see Dr. Martin for “maintenance” visits to keep the headache count low. I’m so grateful for the relief. – RR

My relationship with Dr. Martin is among the best I’ve ever had with a physician. The process of acupuncture allows patient and practitioner to spend unhurried time together, during which he has answered my many questions with thoughtfulness and to my satisfaction.

Radiation treatments to my tongue left me with almost no saliva production. Acupuncture treatments have greatly improved that condition. – Richard S.

My name is Doreen I’m an RN. Last year I had some stressful events going on in my life and cedar fever. I was introduced to Dr Martin by his wife, who is also an RN and assists Dr Martin in his office with acupuncture. Both he and his wife are very personable, professional, and knowledgeable.

Dr Martin has an excellent skill set of inserting the acupuncture needles. He explains everything step by step and the needles are inserted with ease/painless. He was able to wake up my immune system, calming my stress hormones, nose bleeds, disrupted sleep, and help tone down a red rash on my face. And after 4 months of not having a menstrual cycle, Dr Martin placed acupuncture needles in my pelvic area…..the next day I started my cycle. I was amazed by this!!

Don’t be scared of little needle sticks, it’s really not what you think. I’m a believer and living proof that this works. An added bonus with Dr Martin is that he has practiced traditional medicine for several years and has now taken on acupuncture….very intelligent gentleman.

The office is super cute and cozy, and it’s very clean!!

Thanks for all you have done for me Dr Martin! – DH

My daughter Alex’s lack of sea sickness on our numerous day trip sails made our trip to the Galapagos Islands a wonderful experience. On past trips we had to limit our boating expeditions, as Alex was debilitated with motion sickness throughout the day, despite scopolamine patches, antihistamines, and bracelets. The results from acupuncture given by Dr. Martin prior to our departure were nothing short of amazing! – R. Traylor, MD

After fighting nagging back pain for over 4 years, following back surgery–I FINALLY agreed to give acupuncture a try–“I had nothing to lose, ” everyone said– but what they didn’t know, was how much I would gain–acupuncture gave me my life back–and I am very thankful to have met Bonnie Martin who introduced me to Mike–a kinder and more gentle doctor–one will never meet–and all I can say is THANK YOU!
– JY