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Medical Acupuncture of Austin is dedicated to providing clients with a thorough medical assessment and then collaborating to form an optimal treatment plan.

Medical Acupuncture

As a medical acupuncturist, Dr. Martin has the distinction of being a board certified physician who specializes in acupuncture. His understanding of anatomy and physiology enables him to apply the ancient healing techniques of acupuncture within the context of modern science.

As a medical professional, Dr. Martin reviews a client’s medical history and performs a physical exam before recommending the most appropriate course of action, which might be traditional western therapy, acupuncture, or both.


Neurofeedback is a safe and painless procedure that is effective in relieving migraine headaches, anxiety, depression, substance dependence, chronic pain and other disorders.

Neurofeedback gives the client real time feedback on his or her own brainwave activity. Scalp electrodes sense and transmit brainwave patterns to a computer, where screen images change in response to brain activity. The brain recognizes the changing screen patterns as a reflection of its own internal state and self-regulates accordingly.